About Apurva Khare

What started as a fun childhood hobby, culminated into a zealous passion for Apurva through the years. 


Over the years she has taken formal training in several dance forms like Bollywood, Indian Folk, Kathak, Contemporary and Jazz. She still continues to explore different dance styles and master the art of expression through dance. 

Throughout  her training she learnt the nuances of dance, the technicalities of movement, the art of story telling, blending music and dance into a celebration and every choreography into something joyous, festive. 


She has participated in several competitions and received a lot of accolades for the same. She has performed in more than 300 performances and choreographed the traditional sangeet at several weddings, corporate events. 


If you are looking to explore a new style of dancing along with fun, come and try out a dancing session!

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